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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by coxy1981, Sep 14, 2007.

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    I have the following:

    TV: Samsung PS-50C96HDX
    Home cinema system: Sony HT-DDW790
    DVD player: Toshiba (not HDDVD or Blue-Ray. 3/4 years old, bought in Far East, no scart connection)

    Please can you advise the best way to connect everything up. ...

    I already have an HDMI cable, that I am hoping will be all thats needed to go from TV to home cinema system. Hoping Sky+ and dvd player can just plug into Home Cinema system? Will HDMI cable from home cinema system to TV carry the video and sound from both the DVD player and Sky+ ?

    The TV will be going on the wall will not be able to plug additional wires into the back once its up so want to know what wires need to go into the wall.

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    I think your Sony HT-DDW790 only simply switches HDMI so to use that connection between it and the TV, you will need to input a HDMI device(s) to it to be able to 'switch' it and output a HDMI signal. Check the manual but I severely doubt it either converts other video signals or upscales at that price but I might be wrong. As you don't have any, you will need to probably connect all sources directly to the TV, which isn't a bad thing. IMHO I would run all types of connections in the wall (no need to spend loads though, look for profigold etc. for cheap(ish) cables) eg. SCART (look for THOR, Vivanco Prowire and Philex for cheap ones), component, VGA (for PC?), HMDI (buy a decent one if the run is long) and also audio leads from the TV (RCA phono and/or optical) and possibly CAT 6 data cables for future use. If nothing else you can use them to pull through cables in the future. Check out the DIY section.

    You will need to connect the Sky+ via SCART (set to RGB in the settings on the sky box) to the TV and via optical to the Sony and the DVD using the best connection. It should hopefully be component (also known as YUV or YpBpR - red/blue & green cables video only). If it doesn't have these and only has S-video and composite (video=yellow and red/white for audio) I would seriously consider upgrading it to an upscaling player ie. Sony 78H etc. The DVD forum will have loads of suggestions for cheapish players. You should also connect it to the Sony via either digi co-ax or optical depending on what digital audio connection it has. If you run out of optical connections on the Sony etc. you can buy a converter from the likes of to convert the signal from one to the other, just make sure you buy the correct one.

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