Question Help Required : Shield TV -> HDMI Audio Decoder -> Vizio 5.1 Soundbar

Hey everybody!

New here, and new to TV audio. I usually manage but I'd really appreciate a little bit of help on this one.

Current Setup:
  • Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019)
  • TCL 55R617 4K HDR TV
  • Vizio SB3651-E6 5.1 Soundbar
I've been using the TV and the SB for a while now using HDMI ARC without much issue. However, I just bought a Shield TV Pro and want to use that instead. The thing is, the SB decodes only 'low end' sources, mainly DTS, DD, DD+. I'd like to decode some of the better codecs without upgrading to a full AVR, since I already have all the audio output I need. I would need only the HDMI decoder part.

Another issue is that the SB cannot passthrough 4K60p and/or HDR. So I would have to plug the Nvidia Shield TV into the 'decoder', then HDMI to the TV, then passthrough from the TV via HDMI ARC to the SB for 5.1 playback.

The way I see it:

Shield TV -(HDMI Passthrough)-> 5.1 HDMI Decoder/ audio de-embedder -> TV -(HDMI ARC)-> Vizio Soundbar.

My Question:
Does that make any sense, at all? Would you guys see any easier/more viable/cheaper solution to achieve high-res 5.1 playback on my current speakers?

I'd really appreciate any insight or help. Thanks a lot in advance!
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