Help Required Setting up DVD Home Cinema System

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Moody Blue, Dec 26, 2002.

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    DVD connection Nightmare...Can Anyone Help?


    I am trying to connect it to my TV/satellite system.

    @Ideally - I want to be able to have surround sound on the TV as well as on the DVD.

    And ....I am gonna cry in a minute!!

    I have purchased 2 types of SCART leads as I was unsure which ones I needed.

    One type - scart end on both ends

    The other - scart one end - 3 plugs or jacks (red yellow and white) on the other.

    My TV only has 2 scart sockets.

    My satellite system has 2 scarts and 2 plugs/jacks - one red one white.

    I have at various stages today - had DVD picture no sound - DVD with surround sound...

    TV with Surround sound - but unable to get the DVD picture.

    TV picture - sound

    TV no picture - but sound

    DVD - no picture but sound

    TV no sound but DVD sound...

    At various points I have had it connected via and video and not via a video....

    Can anyone out there provide me with totally idiot proof assistance?

    Please ?

    by the way - am not at all tecchie! So if you can help can you treat me as a 5 year old and avoid any complicated jargon!

    I can just about cope with plugs and jacks and scarts! once you start talking about Rf, AV's and god knows what you will have lost me!


    Moody Blue

    oops have just re-read the forum I posted in and think this may be the wrong area.

    Apologies if that is the case - and have posted also in DVD etc

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