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Hi guys just purchased a 42" panny plasma and its fantastic. To compliment it i gpurchased the sc ht900. The sound is superb so i will ditch my hifi.

I have a slight problem though. When i skip through chapters there is a flicker on screen before replay. Also when i play mp3's and have the track title on screen i can see what can be described as a horizontal ghost line which floats down the screen and then reaapears at the top.

I am using component cables but have also tried RGB scart to no avail. On some films i don't notice it but others and menus i do and once i see it i keep looking at that instead of the film.

Any help to lose this niggle from an excellent system would be gratefully received.

Many thanks Lee


I hope you have better luck with your Panasonic than I had. My Panasonic SC-HT80 has stopped reading DVD's.


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I've had one of these since last June, as you say the sound is great. My problem has been picture quality. RGB scart out has a green tinge to the top of the screen on my Sony TV (and a Bush portable) visible when the screen is displaying bright white. Empire direct replaced the DVD unit after much wrangling but the new unit was the same. I'm now in contact with Panasonic UK but no fix as yet. (Unit has been away 3 times and examined in my house 3 times).

I've also experienced the "moving line"; worse on my first unit. Certain scenes in a darkened room with a plain background make this more apparent.

The first unit I had also had a "jitter" on menus as the disc was accessed. I've not seen this on the replacement.


It appears i am not alone. I have tried avery way of wiring the thing up but to no avail. I have lots of jitter on the menu's and this damned 50hrtz hum bar scrolling on every disk.

Also forgot to say i have several region 2 NTSC disks as i wanted to use the progressive scan. The picture quality is awful. The screen flickering like mad with or without progressive scan on. The disks are fine on my old Sony player.

I shall ring Comet and get their engineer out to look at it. I will let you know how i get on as i am very disapointed at the moment.

Cheers Lee
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