Help required please, need to make a Co-Axial Cable for dvd to amp, Temp job.


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Hi all,

Having just got hold of a AE100 PJ, I need to move things round in my room, I am thinking of siting the dvd player near the PJ, to do this I need to make a long Co-Ax cable for the dvd to amp, this will only be a temp job until I am sure where things are going,

Can I use std 75Ohm Cable and Phono plugs, I know the sound wont be tops but it will carry signal wont it, ??

Thanks in advance



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should do mate but 10m is about as long as you can go, try using 75 Ohm ends as this makes the biggest impact.


If you use decent install cable, you will be fine.... the studios that mix the multichannel audio for films you listen to have digital ties tens of metres long so don't worry about the odd metre!

as long as you use decent install grade cable terminated well, you will be fine.

Optical is another option you could look into.


I used a 30ft length of 75ohm co-ax from B&Q. Used soldered phonos each end. Worked fine.

I'm still not sure if anyone actually sells 75ohm phono connectors ?

I know of people ripping out the sockets and installing proper bnc's....




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I have a run of 15 metres from computer to AMP on mini 75ohm RG59 cable, and it works with no problems at all.

Best regards David

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