Help Required - LG C8 - Broadcast channels breaking up


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Hi all - had an LG C8 for a few years now with no issues. Same location, same house etc. About 2 months back I noticed it would start breaking up when watching regular broadcast TV channels as soon as turned on, but after a while / turned off an on again it would right itself.

However it has now started doing this 50% of the time, with tonight it getting so bad it drops to the static picture for no signal before bouncing back to a choppy image.

The aerial image is now flashing orange (didn't before), so I tried returning several times with no luck, checked the aerial outside to see if it had moved / fallen (it hasn't), and checked 4 other tvs around the house (all working fine, including another 55" model).

One of the TVs also runs from the same cable as the LG via a splitter (has done for years) and it is fine, do I don;t think its the cable, as its purely the LG playing up.

Anyone else had this issue / know how to resolve? A bit of googling didn't throw anything of relevance up


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Take your TV to one of the other aerial outlets and try it.
Also, if you have any equipment connected to the TV by HDMI unplug it at both ends and check if the signal breakup still occurs.


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Thanks - can't move the TV as its fixed to the wall, bu twill try the HDMI suggestions - had a suspicion it might be the Apple TV

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