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Hi There. I am embarking on a project which, in terms of lighting at least I will require the following:

Cinema Room: Ambient lighting (by this i mean that when the room is dark, I would like to look up to the ceiling and see tiny shining stars. I expect this means a fibre optic lighting mat? The room will also have a wall mounted plasma (possibly in the wall) so I require ideally neon lights that change colour behind that.

Inner Hallway: LEDS in the upper book shlef (above door height).

Staircase: LED lights (either blue, red or combination or one's that change colour).

Kitchen: LEDS in plinth.

Lounge: Wall mounted plasma - in the wall, so I require ideally neon lights that change colour behind that.

Bathrooms - Dimmable pull cords

Whole House: Downlights throughout and stainless steel socket/light switches etc.

Any help with any or all of the above would be a great help. :)

Son of Shaft

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Some LED strips that don't cost an arm and a leg. LED strips He also sells a driver for colour control but it's manual, so you have to change the colours by hand. But I can't find it on his Ebay site and his other site isn't up yet I think. Or not complete yet. An other RGB led driver I saw that has auto fading and dimming. It also mentions an optional IR remote kit but haven't found it yet.

And for fibre optics: StrarPak 48 Emailed them and shipping to Netherlands is US$20,- for 20ft. Think it's the same for the U.K. And for a light source you could use one or several Hi Power LEDs. This is how I am planning to do some things, just have to figure out how many LED strips I need.

One flux LED strip:

Don't know if it is a white one or a RGB with all colours full open.

This all if you don't mind soldering some cables and LEDs.


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I tried installing this pull cord dimmers in my bathroom. The dimmer worked fine but the problems came when I tried to run an extractor of the switch.

Switching the lights on would switch the extractor on, but it would not trigger the extractor to switch off when you turned the lights off.

Even though the manual states it will work with extractors tried various models and a replacement switch, it never worked perfectly.

I had an electrician round to look at it and the only option he could suggest was a second pull cord for the extractor which was not an option so now the dimmer switch resides in a box in the garage.


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Deepcore said:
so now the dimmer switch resides in a box in the garage.
I'll give you a fiver for it!

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