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I am in the process of moving house and in doing so would like to update my home entertainment system. I currently own a 36" Sony 100hz CRT, a 4 year old Sony Davs-880 all in one dvd/speaker system and Sky +. I have around £2500 to spend on the lot which I know is not that much considering my requirements, and I was wondering what peoples opinions were on what to spend on what. The only stipulation I have is that the Plasma/LCD should have speakers as my Wife watches quite a lot of TV and does not like listening on it through the surround sound speakers. Also a lot of the Lcd's and Plasmas have built in freeview which I do not need due to having a Sky + box. In our new living room we will probably be sitting about 6-8 feet from the screen, and would prefer it to be wall mounted.

The only thing I have decided that I would like is the Denon 1920 dvd but I don't know if it would fit in with the rest of my budget.

I know I'm asking a lot but as I said any help would be greatly appreciated


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I have a similar post in the Plasma section as well and just wanted to view opinions from the different sources.

I would really appreciate some advice.

Thank you in advance.:smashin:


Personally (slightly biased) I would get one of the Toshiba LCDs. I've got the 37WLT58, which has Freeview, 2 x HDMI connectors, 3 SCARTs (2 of them RGB), and Component inputs. It has built-in speakers and a small bass unit, and also has a virtual surround feature (SRS WOW!) which seems to work well, and IMHO gives a good sound.

Mine came with the pedestal stand, and a floor stand (glass shelving), but if you want to wall mount it, I've seen VESA mounts for about £60, which can take the weight (21kg for the set alone)

If you don't need Freeview, then the models without the "T" in their name don't have the DVB-T tuner, and I think also drop 1 of the HDMI sockets.

Hope that helps

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