Help replacing my parents stolen system.


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Some toe rags stole my parents TV and damaged their surround sound/dvd beyond repair. They used to have the predecessor to the Panasonic SC PT870 (I can't remember what it was!)

Anyway, I've bought them a 3D ready Samsung 50C7000. Even though they're not much into 3D, my dad is really impressed by Sky 3D. The question is what surround system should I get for them? They got £318 from the insurance company, but would be willing to spend slightly more.

The options are:

1. Get something like the the Panasonic SC PT870 as a direct replacement. Seems a shame to get just a DVD system these days.

2. Get the Sony BD VE370 all in one 3D blu ray. But it doesn't have any hdmi inputs for Sky etc.

3. Get the Onkyo HTS 6305. And then add the Sony S470/570 for blu ray.? I guess I could also get the Onkyo TXSR508 on which the system is built on, and use the old Panasonic speakers (which I'm not sure how they'd stand up vs the latest budget speakers). As an alternative amp, I could get the Sony STR DH810 and add the old Panasonic speakers. I guess the benefit of this option is they can also upgrade speakers later if they choose. (unlikely)

4. I could get them Samsung HTC6939 which seems like an obvious thing to do, but will it be a match for system 3?

5. My parents like things to be tidy and a soundbar would be tempting. I could get a Yamaha YHTs 400. Problem is that I'm not sure about having a sub on the av rack (ok they never listen to stuff at high volume), and also it doesn't support 3D and never will. So a Sony S370 blu ray would be fine.

6. I could go for broke and get a Yamaha YSP 5100 but that's doubling the price! I'm also unsure as to how it would stand on top of the AV rack (cantilevered) and beneath the TV.

With so many options, your help would be gratefully received!


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You don't need HDMI for sky, you need standard digital audio input i.e. optical or digi-coax. Sky only outputs stereo over HDMI, so the separate digital audio cable is required. If I was buying for my parents, a simply all-in-one e.g. E370 from Sony would be my choice. Obviously I would recommend separates but I think I would try and keep it simple. I would also recommend buying a decent universal remote e.g. Logitech Harmony One for controlling it all but then again, my parents can never get to grips with mine when they visit. :D


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They've got a Logitech remote. I'll reprogramme it once all the bits are in place. So if I got the Sony E370, I would connect the audio from the sky via the optical lead to the sony bit, and then hdmi to the tv? I guess they could still use the same speakers (at least on the front) to keep things tidy. I doubt they'd want the little speakers mounted on the wall either side of the telly. Or would that stuff up integration with the sub?

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