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Help regarding new TV

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Kahless725, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Kahless725


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    You may have read that I bought a Panasonic TX28PS12 was really happy with the picture except for a line down the centre of the screen (really faint white line) well I got a replacement and it is exactly the same (with the addition of two more lines to the left of the screen)

    After that I could really do with some help. I have now moved the old Panasonic TX28PK1 (4yo 50Hz) upstairs so now I need a 32 inch for downstairs. I have narrowed this down to two models but I am open to any suggestions, what is paramount is picture quality from an RGB source.

    I am thinking of:-

    Panasonic TX32PS1 - £575 (or do these suffer with white lines or anything like this as the 100Hz models seem to?)

    Toshiba 32Z23 - £500 - I like the sound of this model and am attracted due to the price as the downstairs tv is not watched as much as the upstairs set.

    My preffered model would be the Panasonic as I still believe they have the best picture and I am hoping that the line I have seen is due to the 100Hz or somthing (also I has a problem with the noise the tube made (not the psu) as I am suseptable to that frequency)

    Do either of the models above suffer from any sort of noise from the tube (a little is to be expected)

    I am open to all suggestions, it's been nearly a month now (I had a Toshiba 28ZD26 first) and would really appreciate a response (cries of a desperate man :) )



    PS My Budget is up to £600.

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