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(I promise I've searched through the manual for this but either I've missed it or it's not covered!!!)

I have a DVD recorder connected to my 507XD by a scart lead. (I've also connected the external aerial and RF lead(s) through the DVD recorder as illustrated in the manual.)

But I can't get Freeview channels through the DVD recorder and therefore can't record anything off it. I'm sure it's something I've done wrong, or not done, but I can't figure it out. Can anyone advise?

I've got:
Scart 1 to DVD player/home cinema system
Scart 2 to X360
Scart 3 to DVD recorder
RF in and out connected accordingly

Is something missing or wrong here? (When I switch on the DVD recorder I can get analogue TV but if I flick over to the AV1 source on the recorder - which is where the scart lead is connected - there's no picture.)



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Couple of questions

What DVD recorder do you have has it got Freeview built in?.
Are you trying to record Freeview from your TV back to your DVD recorder, if you are and as per my TV 37WLT58 you have to state in the setup menu of the TV that DTV is available to output via Scart X (1-3).


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I've got a Panasonic DVD recorder (can't recall the model no. though) and it doesn't have Freeview.

I'm trying to record Freeview, which the TV has built in, directly from the TV to my DVD recorder.

I don't think I've changed the DTV output option though so perhaps that's where my problem lies? I'll check it tonight when I get back home! :)


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I think it is mentioned on page 60 of the manual, I can't check at the moment as I am at work & only have a pdf manual here.

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