Help re-wiring center channel speaker

Bob Cobb

Novice Member
I disconnected my center channel speaker to paint it and I forgot to take a picture of how it was wired and I'm completely baffled. Can anyone help?20190201_112524 (1280x960).jpg 20190201_112606 (1280x960).jpg

Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
For the tweeter, I'd say red wire to left hand side connection (left hand terminal seems to have some red on it), and black to the other terminal.

I can't see if there is another wire for the left hand woofer, but judging by the single cap on the crossover, and if the woofers are 4 ohm, the yellow wire by the r/h woofer will go to the positive, the yellow wire with terminals at both ends looks like a link from the neg of the r/h woofer to the pos of the left hand woofer, and the black wire by the r/h woofer looks like it should go to the neg on the left hand woofer, so needs to be moved across.

I'm guessing the two woofers were wired in series directly to the input, and the tweeter has a single capacitor in series with it.

Are the pics showing everything or is that it?

Bob Cobb

Novice Member
Thanks so much! I got my old Fluance system up and running after a quick black paint job to match my new tv stand. These Fluance speakers sounds great. I'm in a small 1 BR apartment, so they're definitely just what I need...maybe even too big for the room, but oh well.

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