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How do you set this player to output component? I have it connected by both Scart and Component. Tried to remove scart, but no signal at other end ( Pio 434, set to receive component). did try progressive button at front of player. Do I need to change anything in menus ( already tried setting line to video - no luck) any other ideas?? Thanks


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I don't recall having to do anything other than select the appropriate de-interlacing mode via the button on the front but maybe mine was already set up. :confused:

Does the blue light come on? Do you get an on-screen messages? When prog. mode is switched a message appears on the top of the screen indicating the selected mode.


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If i am on the right track then i pretty sure you can only access this menu when a dvd is not playing !

I think its in the menu where you press the "dvd setup" button .


I have one of these players and I remember the manual saying you will only get a component output if the DVD player has been set to only output Video/S-VHS signal. If you have it set to RGB in the player menu options then you will not get a component output. Perhaps this is the problem.
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Yes, change it from RGB output if thats what you have. Select either S-Vid or Video and you will get component output.

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