help re Philips multiregion hack


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Hi guys,

I've got a philips 958 dvd player and I intend to use the handset hack from here:

This hack is widely quoted, including on this forum.

I haven't done this kind of thing before, and would appreciate advice from anyone here who's tried this Philips hack.....

Any danger of completely fecking up the dvd player ??:blush:

Does this make the player multiregion, or just region 1 ? (I'm interested in getting region4 discs from an aussie site)

Any other obs you'd care to make ?

I don't stray in here very often, post normally on the projector side, but I'd appreciate you help.


Sean G.


I used this hack on my old Philips 750. Worked a treat with all regions. RCE version 2 hadn't been invented then though!

No longer own it now so can't test it with that, sorry

I bought a one for all 6 to do the RC6 code.

If you don't make a mistake with the keying you should be Ok. God knows what would happen if you put the wrong numbers in though!



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Thanks Dave,

Didn't think about the RCE issue - anyone out there using a Philips dvd player hacked this way ???


Sean G.


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Yes, one I got from supplier and he took it and did it using an engineer's remote. Also did my sisters using a One for All and recently did my new Q50 and it worked fine. I believe the hack also works on Yamaha kit as the inners are Philips and, I guess, will do the Marantz ones too.

Go for it !

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