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Hi all

my son has 8 month old ps3. He got a network voucher and has downloaded ps1 titles of crash bandicoot etc. However he does not appear to be able to save his games to the console. The game advises that no memory card is in the slot?

Any help really appreciated.


Drew :)


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I thnk you have to go to the virtual ps1 memory slot bit. If you go to the part of the xmb where you load games scroll up there is an option for the memory card utility.


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Yeah you have too create a virtual memory card where the save data column is there should be one called memory card


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Guys, I have metal gear solid and before I can start the game my PS3 is telling me to create a save file. However I cannot find this virtual memory card option anywhere! Help!


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On the game column (image looks like a controller) go upto the top it should say memory card utility

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