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Nov 15, 2003
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there,s been lots of talk of improving picture/sound quality with mains filters/purifiers. Does anybody have specific experience. Any good/value mains strips with filters?
i have sky+ connected to Pio 434, but would like to improve picture quality.

would mains filter help? Do I continue to use supplied mains cable from filtered strip to screen??

I also have the Pioneer 434HDE and Sky+. I use an Isotek mini-sub and Isotek mains leads to all components. Unfortunately even with the Isotek in place the PQ from Sky is pretty poor, at least compared to DVD via HDMI 868 :D

Using a 43" screen really highlights the poor bit-rates that Sky use and I am seriously considering junking Sky and tuning into Euro1080. Why should I pay over £42 per month for crap pictures...the more i watch the angrier i get :mad: :mad: :mad:
There was an excellent thread six months ago in the DIY forum which has unfortunately disappeared explaining why a decent mains cable would make a difference on a Sky Box. I can't remember the arguments and am not technical but I did buy a replacement mains cable for the Sky box from Mark Grant and I noticed the difference in both picture and sound quality.

I should have also bought another for the DVD player but never got around to it.

I don't know whether Mark still makes them but send him a PM and ask

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