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I am thinking seriously about getting the Panasonic HS52 dvd recorder, and would like to ask you guys who know so much more than I do , how to connect up from the following....

Sky digibox ( Grundig ) ( 2 scarts)
DVD recorder ( 2 scarts)
Toshiba V.C.R. ( 3 scarts)
Toshiba T.V.( 3 scarts )

I would like to keep the VCR hooked up until I can transfer my video tapes to disk, and don't want to have to unplug and plug in each time I have the time to do this ( 100+ films to dub !!)

Thanks in advance for any help which you are able to give...


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I would suggest;

Sat -> VCR -> DVDr -> TV

Sat & VCR also to TV direct so all three scarts on the tv are used.

Put the DVDr in the RGB scart socket (if the tv has one).

Connect the VCR & Sat scart outputs that show the menus to the TV. This way, if someone hits the menu button while you are recording to DVDr, it will only show on the tv and not on the recording.



Hi RimBlock,

Came across your reply to Alamo when I was searching this forum, it is the answer to the problem that I was looking for (I hope) I am getting the Panny 36PB50 and the DMR-E30 delvered to me on Thursday.

I also want to keep my video for the time being.

The bit that I do not understand is connecting the VCR and SAT scarts outputs that show the menu to the TV Can you please explain this to me.

The Panny has three scarts two RGB scarts so will I connect the SAT and E30 to them and the VIDEO to the other one (is this correct)

Any advice would be helpful as I am new to this



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Most videos etc have scart outputs that show the devices menu system and scarts that don't.

The idea is that if you need to see the menu system then the scart that shows that can be plugged directly into the TV and the scart that doesn't can goto a video recorder or other recording device.

The upshoot of this is that you can check the menus of your sat receiver (for setting a timer recording etc) without the menus coming up on a recording you may be making on your video at the time.

If your devices have this, I know most used to so I would have thought they still do, then connect the one which doesn't show the menu to the recording device. If you go through the menus then they will not come up on the recording (of course changing channels etc will).

To find the scart with the menus on try them all in the back of the tv and see which ones produce a menu screen when you press the relevent buttons. Usually the scart marked as TV will but the one marked as video won't.

Once all rigged up you will have to switch the tv to the scart input for that device to see the menus for it.

Hope that helps a little.


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