Help! Re:Cambridge Audio Azur amp / cdplayer & Kef IQ5 / Mission M34i speakers


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Hi, new to forum, so hello! Am thinking of buying some new kit, but on a budget. Have googled my socks off and now feel totally overwhelmed! So here goes, any opinions, comments or reviews greatly appreciated.

Speakers - was thinking of Mission M34i or Kef IQ5
Amp - Cambridge Audio Azur 640a V2
Cd player - Cambridge Audio Azur 640c V2

Questions, questions! Know that Kef speakers won hi-fi award blah, blah, but heard that you need a more powerful amp. Would the Cambridge do this job? Are the Mission more user friendly in this respect? Also came across Kef Q5 speakers are these the same as the IQ5's? Someone mentioned that they are the equivlent to IQ7. In some posts people were a little disapointed by Kefs, anyone feel the same? Don't have a hi-fi shop anywhere near me and subsequently will be purchasing online - so you can appreciate my caution.

Thank you in advance!

Also put this post in speaker section - sorry if not allowed!

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