help:radeon 9800 XT low 3dmark03 score


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Recently installed a saphire radeon 9800XT 256M.

machine spec is:

P4 2.4 (533fsb version)

Asus P4G8X mobo.

1Gb ram ( forget what type but its tow banks of 512 for dual addressability).

120Gb WD caviar 8m cache 7200rpm.

Os is W2k sp4 ( totally up to date)

driver is cat 4.4

I've been playing Far Cry with this and to be honest I hadn't noticed a problem . everything maxed out at 1280x1024 still gave good frame rates 99% of the time.

I ran 3dmark03 on it the other night and got 3121 points which frankly sucks. Then I tweaked down certain settings for the default benchmark as advised by futuremark and got minimal improvement.

Now the card seems to have become unstable slightly ( with Far Cry causing a reboot occasionally : have my suspicions its Far Cry actually)

Why the low score? Is it W2K?
Also I totally disregarded hooking up the additional power molex through the HD using the splitter cable provided : I couldn't see the point as I had plenty of spare power runs. Was this a mistake? ( can't possibly see why ).

The machine is getting on a bit but its still a reasonable spec even these days.

x8 AGP USWC and fastwrites are enable : aperturew is 256M. can't think ofanything else. Machine is pretty sweet and solid apart from the low 3dmark03 score.

Any suggestions?


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Win 2K is most probably hurting it a little bit, do you have the latest mobo drivers? This can cause some problems.

Also are the card drivers set to AA and AF being application chosen? You might have these set to on, which would lower the score substantially.


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To get an accurate score for 3dmark2003 you have to set the slider to max performance (furthest left). My specs are xp2700+, 1024mb pc2700ddr, radeon 9700pro all at stock and I get a score of around 5000 marks. (with balanced i get around 3500 marks)
It doesn't matter which power splitter you use as long as you have it connected.
I'd run dxdiag to make sure you have no issues and make sure you've got the most up to date dx9b and cat4.4 drivers installed.

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Originally posted by airdrawn
fastwrites have been known to cause stability probs, if you get more crashes turn them off.
Totally agree. Especially on ATI hardware and especially if you are running tweak software or are ocing the card in any way.


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fast writes on/off didn't make any difference. The problem is Far Cry I think.
Loading my last saved position on any of the levels after the treehouse causes a reboot.

Load the previous save and its fine. Then load the latest save and it works fine.


Hawklord - I've been doing a bit of research and am looking at possibly upgrading my graphics card either now or in a few months. I'm trying to get an idea of just how bad my gfx card is. ;) What did you mean by "To get an accurate score for 3dmark2003 you have to set the slider to max performance (furthest left)." Whereabouts is this setting? Is it in the ATI driver or within 3D Mark 03?



Ahhh, k thx. :)

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