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Help quick please guys


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I'm setting up my new Pan 42" but have got into a total muck up with the cables. Its saying there's no arial signal. I've got two cables running from my Sky dish into the back of the sky + box. What further cable do I attach from the sky box to the tv and out of what plugs? Or does it go through the vcr? I've tried going through the vcr by taking a cable out of the "rf out 1" plug in the sky box then into the vcr then into the tv but nothing.


Steve Zodiac

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It probably means that it's not getting a terrestrial signal from a standard TV aerial for Freeview reception.

To get Freeview (if you want it) you'll have to connect the TV to the aerial outside (or in the attic) with a cable similar to this:



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Done that before.

Scart from sky+ box to tv.

Scart from dvd player to tv.

RF cables from sky+ box into vcr and then onto the tv. No signal.

My signal comes from the sky dish so do I not need an arial connection? Do I need to disconnect the other leads and let it pick up the scart from the sky+ box?


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A scart lead from the main scart socket on the back of the sky box to the main scart input on the tv.

Then press av on the remote until you get a feed.

If that fails, is the sky box on?

If that fails, maybe the dish is set up incorrectly


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I don't know about Sky+ box, but if it is only fed from a minidish I don't think it would output a RF signal.
Did you have Freeview before on your old TV?


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Ahahahahahahahaha, am I not just brilliant???????

Forgot to turn the sky+ box on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Up and running now but picture is naff. Will let it settle for a bit then have a fiddle tonight. The text especially is ragged even on bbc news.

Any thoughts?? And thanks for being patient with a non techy type, although telling me to connect a scart was a bit insulting I have to say :D


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You forgot to turn the box on!

Good luck with it mate

Enjoy the new TV:D

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