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Hi all,

I bought a cheapy projector for casual watching in the bedroom (Xgimi Elfin) and like it so much that I want to get a proper (better quality) projector for the living room.

My living room currently has an LG 77" C1, Monitor Audio Bronze 6 towers, Bronze C150 Center, Bronze FX surrounds and BK Monolith+ Sub.

I'll keep be keeping the OLED for daytime/lights on viewing as well as if I want to watch something with OLED quality. But now I want a massive projector screen as well. It'll only be used at night with the lights off. I've got blackout blinds and curtains so it can get totally dark but it's not properly light treated and it won't be used for critical viewing so I won't be making any adjustments to the room.

I want to get a 120" pulldown screen which I can put in front of the LG C1. I've got a clear path to mount the projector anywhere along the ceiling and it'd have a straight shoot at the screen. Max distance would be ~4.2m.

A screen this size would cover my towers and center speaker when it's pulled down. Would a standard projector screen make the speakers unusable? Seems I'll be taking a picture quality hit VS my oled, I'm also willing to take a bit of an audio quality hit for the nights I want to use the big projector screen. But if a standard screen will completely muffle the speakers to unusable levels I'll have to get an acoustic transparent screen.

Problem is I can't for the life of me find a pull down, 120"-ish acoustic transparent screen?? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

For the projector itself, I'll be using it for probably 65% movies and 35% gaming. Max I'd want to spend on the projector is ~£1,500. I'm looking at these Projectors:
  • Optoma UHD38
  • Epson TW7100
  • BenQ w2700
Due to getting used to an OLED, I'd like the one that produces the best contrast/black level. I know none of these Projectors will come anywhere near OLED, but would like the one that does the best in this regard. If there are any other projectors I should be looking at let me know.



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i think any pull down screen will "muffle" your sound a lot if it comes down in front of your speakers

i have no experience in AT screens so sorry there

i think you should be OK at your range for screen size but you should check for throw range calculation - try as they have useful tools for this aspect

i think you need to check you are not affected by rainbow effects on DLP projectors like the Benq

if black levels are important then in a reflective room a grey or ALR screen might be worth a thought

if you can find one an epson tw7400 would not blow your budget by much and would be a better choice imo. even better your budget should find a lightly used pre owned epson tw9400 like this recent thread

For Sale - Epson EH-TW9400W Projector


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Can anyone else pitch in or is there a different forum I should be asking this on?

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