HELP: Purchasing Part Of A Home Cinema Package


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Hi All,

Im kind of new to section of the forum so I would appreciate all your help. Basically I am looking for only the 5.1 system from the Sony HTSF1000 home cinema package, so basically everything but the dvd player. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase these seperatley as I cannot find any websites that do this!! thank you in advance for any suggestions.:D



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You usually can't purchase them separately.

And the speakers don't usually work in another home cinema system.

The 5.1 decoder and CD is usually built into the same box.


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Aaah right ok, was wondering if you could help me out with my problem. You see I am purchasing a sony w2000 and am hoping to get the Sony dvd recorder with it, so this just leaves me with the audio to deal with. Am I forced to either buy the full home cinema package or forced to purchase a micro speaker system rather than be able to have my preferred choice of larger speakers??

Im fairly new to the sound thing, and am looking for something with a reasonable output and at a decent price of around 200-250?? is there anything you can recommend???


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I had a look at these recommendations, but to tell you the truth im a bit uncertain about what I am looking for. I just kind of look for the spec with the highest amount of any thing but does the highest total Watt output constitute a better system? or does a system with the highest Db mean the best choice??

Can somebody just outline what I should be looking for in a system, I do understand that at the end of the day its whatever suits me or the kind of setup that I have. But i'd still like to know whats average spec and whats outstanding spec!! any advice is much appeciated and thankyou for the comments and suggestions so far!

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