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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by ecco13, Dec 16, 2004.

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    Hi- I am a novice at wiring (replace switches, connect equipment, add dimmers & timer switches, know how to use a multimeter). Need some advice on how to pull wire in a difficult spot.

    I have a family room multimedia cabinet built into (recessed into) the wall above my fireplace. The fireplace is a direct-vent gas, no chimney, flush with the interior family room wall, etc. Fireplace and Cabinet exist in a bump-out, meaning there is open space directly beneath the floor of the fireplace bump-out, hanging off the back of my house. The cabinet above the fireplace was built-in during construction of the home two years ago. The cabinet is wired for single outlet, plus some speaker cable which runs to surround speakers around the room (all done by the builder). In my basement, looking up directly below the fireplace, I can see where the cables go up through a small hole drilled into the wood.

    I would like to run some cables from the cabinet above the fireplace down into my basement, to a 19" rack that my A/V Home Theatre gear is bolted to. But I can't figure out how the wires run once they go up through the basement. The existing power and speaker cables exit from the back of the cabinet, but appear to run UP through the top of the box. My first thought was to simply attach the new wires to an existing speaker cable and pull out from the basement. But when I pull on the wires from the basement, they don't budge, as they may be stapled to the framing? Would that be typical? I can't pull them either direction, from above or below. I'd like to run the new cable along the existing path and out from the hole in the basement, as I don't want to (nor have I ever tried to) start cutting open the wall or drilling holes, etc.

    Can anyone offer some advice on best approach? I have a couple of pictures if necessary to help describe what I am talking about....

    Thanks for any help!!!!!

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