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I upgraded my main desktop system a couple of month's ago to a HP d530, which has a P4 2.6HT chip along with a 240W PSU. I was planning on installing my Radeon 9700pro card in it but then read it needed at least a 300W PSU. So I gave HP a call and was basically told the PSU is "not upgradable":mad: :( Can anyone tell me if the Radeon 9600XT would be OK running with this sort of PSU. (if not any recommendations)



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I think you should be OK, HP don't tend to over spec, I'm sure their 240W PSU outperforms many 300W+ PSUs out there.


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Cheers Jeff,
I suppose I'll be OK with stickin' my 9700pro in then:smashin: :clap:

Cheers Again!


Try it - the worst that could happen is the PSU shuts itself down.

I got through 3 power supplies trying to get my Sapphire Radeon 9700 working:

The following would not work:

Qtec 400w
Qtec 550w
Macron 300w

Ended up getting a Antec Trupower 550w - which is a bit extreme.

It isnt the watts - its the amps and the quality of the supply rails.

Chris Muriel

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The problem with the QTECs is that their ratings , e.g. 550W, are based on "peak power" - which does not represent normal operating conditions.
Their Max Power is somewhat lower. My old QTEC 550W is more like a 300 watt in reality.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.


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It Works!!!:smashin: I can't believe it:clap: . I've just been playing the new UT2004 demo @ 1280x1024x32 with all setting set to best, with no crashing or anything.

Cheers Guys:)

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