HELP!! PS4 / Sound Blaster X4 - cant get surround sound to work


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G'day mates!

I am looking to use PS4 and Soundblaster X4 for a 4 speaker setup. Not sure what I am doing wrong - I am not able to get surround channels to produce any outputs. Please advise.

The setup is as below
PS4 > USB or Optical Out > Soundblaster X4 > Speaker outs (Front & Rear stereo) -> Active Multimedia speakers (R, L, SR, SL)

PS4 configuration:
Audio output is set to Optical (Priority)
Audio output format is PCM
5.1 Channel Dolby and DTS is enabled.

Soundblaster X4 is first connected to PC for configuration using Creative App:
Direct mode is Off
Equalizer is on (Movies)
Mixer is properly set up with all channels set to 80% volume
Speakers (Line Out) is selected
4.0 Surround is selected since I am using only 4 speakers
Headphone Virtualisation is off
USB Audio connectivity is set to PC/Mac/PS4

Untill this time, everything is working is fine and PC is able to drive all channels as expected.

The moment I disconnect from PC and plug-in X4 to PS4, only the front two Line Outs channels have sound, the surround sound speakers are silent.

Any suggestions? DO you think PS4 has 5.1 channel output issues? I cant test this because I don't have AV receiver to test this in isolation.


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One the PS4, when you select Digital Optical out as the Audio out format, you need to make sure that only 5.1 DD and/or 5.1 DTS are ticked. In the audio format priority ensure that you set it to bitstream Dolby (or Bitstream DTS if you prefer). Digital Optical can only do 2.0 channel LPCM so this is your error because you have your format priortiy set to LPCM.


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Thanks - creative clarified that card does not support discreet 5.1 with ps4, but only with PC. This was not so clear in brochures. In process if getting a refund now.

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