HELP! PS4 on HP Monitor with Logitech Sound

The Great SrH

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Hi all,

I’m at a sort of final straw now and desperate to get some help with getting my PS4 working through a monitor. I’ve searched numerous threads but I’m just not getting anywhere

I have a HP EliteDisplay E243d monitor and some old Logitech X-530 speaker.

The Monitor doesn’t have audio but does have headphone jacks (I don’t want to use headphones).

Ideally I would like to have my PS4 sound go through my Logitech speakers but I just can’t get the cables right!

I’ve been trying to use TOSLINK cables, converters etc but just don’t get the right setup for sound to work.

Can anybody help me at all?!

King Tones

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You probably need to give a bit more info.
What connections do the speakers have and how have you tried to connect them?

Assume the PS4 is connecting to the monitor via HDMI and your trying to connect to speakers via Optical on the PS4.

You will probably get better sound by just plugging headphones into the controller or getting a decent headset. If your playing on a monitor to get decent framerates and response times then a headset would be best for decent sound imo.

Miss Mandy

One of the first hits when searching the speaker model on Google is this...

It looks like a very simple setup, just use the 3.5mm connection like it shows for the iPhone in the video.

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