HELP! projector/DVD player progressive scan problem!


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Not sure if this is a problem with my projector or the DVD I thought I would post it in both forums!

I have a Plus U3-1080 DLP projector (clone of the american NEC LT-150), and have today (finally) got my new DVD player - Toshiba SD510E.

When running NTSC DVDs, I press the progressive scan button on the DVD remote....and the picture "doubles up" - i.e it's like the image has shifted half way across the screen and wrapped around onto the other me a blank bar down the middle.

It looks bloody awful, and the picture suffers from horrible interference.

The PJ is set to NTSC, and component (it's component via VGA, I bought the adaptor direct from NEC)'s all wired up correctly as interlaced pictures are fine.

So where am I going wrong?

I've checked through the Toshiba manual and it does actually describe this effect. It suggests switching the DVD player to "video progressive" instead of auto or film.....but it hasn't changed a thing.

Anyone come across this with either their projector or this particular DVD player?

Would appreciate some advice.

An unhappy smurf


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have a look for this on the avsforum because there was quite a bit said about it.

I had a UP-880 and did a firmware upgrade for it to take progressive through component, but my model was a couple of years older than the one you have so i would have thought it would do it straight out the box.

what lead did you have to buy ??? I just bought a 5bnc-vga.


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you say the projector is set to ntsc and component.

I dont remeber having a pal/ntsc/secam setting on my plus, I am sure i just chose rgb or component have you tried putting your pc through it and choosing component ???

see if you get any signal at all , I would get a stable image but green.

If you get this then I would consider trying a bnc-vga cable without the adapter.

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