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Hoping for help with problem. I have a Pioneer DVR-530H and a Thomson TV. They are connected with the Aerial to the DVDR then to a Toshiba VCR and then to the TV. All has been fine for several months. Now if I watch BBC1, BBC2, ITV and C4 (we can only get 4 channels) through the TV all is fine. BBC2, ITV and C4 are also fine through the DVDR with the TV set to AV1. BUT if we try to watch BBC1 through the DVDR the picture flickers and looks like an attempt to watch a really bad video through the VCR. All connections seem OK, have retuned everything etc etc. No clue how to proceed, any ideas gratefully received.




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Is BBC1 fine when played through the VCR? At least you've tested it on two tuners then.

You definitely have BBC1 using the same UHF number on both the TV and DVDr? I know in my area each channel appears at least twice, one awful and one fine.

Can I ask why you still have the VCR plugged in?


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Thanks for the reply. I'm at a loss to understand why but it now seems to be working. Perhaps some issue with the transmitter but then why would BBC1 be OK through the TV and not the DVDR? As for the video we still use it from time to time, mainly the kids watching old favourites that I haven't got round to transferring.


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