Help. Poorer picture quality with HDMI than composite video!



I have a Sony KDL-46W LCD TV and Sony RDR HXD860 DVD/HDD Recorder. I get a worse picture when I connect the HDMI (or component video) output of the HDD Recorder to the TV than when using composite video through a IXOS Scart - Phono (Video, Audio Left, Audio Right) cable. Very noticable with the Sky menu where I get a guaze-like interference around the text.

HDMI cable is a 7m QED Qunex HDMI - P which I've been told should be fine up to 1080P video.

Should I get another cable or is there a setting somewhere I need to change? Tried 2 cables and 2 HDMI inputs - both do the same.

I don't have an HD source yet so source is regular DVD/TV/Sat.

Appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

Nigel S


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Not familiar with your kit, but the first question is have you / do you need to enable HDMI on your sources and TV?

It might not be automatic selection...

Joe Fernand

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Hello Nigel S

Something wrong somewhere for sure.

I don't hold with 'HDMI is always wonderful' but it definitely shouldn't look worse than Composite video over SCART.

I would have thought your Recorder would have been sending out RGB over its SCART cable to the TV.

I find many of these Recorders do look better outputting Interlaced RGB vs. Progressive YPbPr (Component) as they often produce a 'soft' image on Component and many Displays seem to handle RGB better than YPbPr.

When you switch to the HDMI Output/Input remember you will need to manually adjust the various video parameters on the TV as the 'factory' settings are usually terrible. First off I'd ensure you disable as many picture 'enhancements' as you can on the TV and then have a play with the Contrast, Brightness, Colour and Sharpness controls; a set-up DVD or DVD with the THX optimiser Test Patterns is a good aid at this point.

Best regards


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