Help pls. Nest Hub & External Speaker?


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In my kitchen I was thinking I would get a Nest Hub and pair it with a one (or two?) Bluetooth speakers.

Any reason why I wouldn't do it this way? I use the youtube music app so it would be handy to have the screen show what's playing/up next. I currently use my phone but that's a pain, want something more permanent.

I'm not massively concerned about sound quality, but know I want better than the nest hub would produce hence why I was thinking just buy the hub and connect to an external speakers. I would spend around $300 on the speakers, could go more if the step up is worth it.

What speaker(s) would you recommend?

Any advice how I would build in some sort of ability to tell google to play music on different speakers around the house would also be appreciated.


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The Nest Hub Max (the bigger 10" version) sounds much better than the little ones.

I've found Bluetooth to be a bit of mare TBH.

Another option would be to use the small hub and any other Home speaker or Chromecast enabled device. Google home allows you to set a default for music playback. I have a hub and a JBL Chromecast speaker in my bedroom, all music requests play on the JBL automatically.

It's a shame they don't make the Chromecast audio anymore as you can also set the hub to default music playback to a CCA and use any speakers or stereo system with a spare input or optical port which is what I use in 3 other rooms.


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Thanks Jamie. I was wondering about Bluetooth - what issues have you had? I would want the speaker and hub to be permanently connected, they would never connect to anything else but I dont' want to have to be reconnecting them every day, I wonder if that's an issue you foresee?

So you're suggesting the best option might be to buy a Google Home Max then have the hub play out of that? Which would be WiFi so potentially better quality too?

One thing with that though, wouldn't' both devices try to respond to an 'ok google' command, that could get messy.

Thanks again


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I was also suggesting the nest Hub Max which is like the nest hub but a 10" screen and so much better speakers. It might be enough on its own depending on expectations.

If you use another Google speaker in the same room you can set the OK Google sensitivity for both devices to extreme values or simply turn off the mic on the one you don't want answering commands.

Bluetooth I haven't used for a while but you're right to didn't stay connected when I did try it but I think that was my speaker going into standby when not playing anything, mine was battery powered (but plugged in to charge) so a mains powered speaker might be different I dont know. The sound quality was also noticeable worse than using the same speaker with my phone (but that will probably be because the speaker to phone connection is APTX but I don't believe the Google home does aptx.

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