Help pleaseeee! PSN AND ONLINE HELP


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I was wondering could some one please help me! You’ll have to excuse me my computer knowledge and internet knowledge isn’t to good im afraid! Here my problem = my ps3 wont go online mo matter what I do , ive had in for over a year and its a wired connection ! Its worked fine since ive had it but about a month ago it just won’t connect! I bought a new Ethernet cable thinking it was that and still nothing! It keep failing on the internet connection and it says dns error, my internet works on my pc otherwise I would not be on here! But its killing me not being able to play online! I think I have a modem :S it is a Thomson speedtouch 330 USB ADSL if that’s any help , could someone please get back to me asap , cheers and many thanks

Robert182 :lease:


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Dump the SpeedTouch 330 modem and get a ADSL Modem with built in switch. Connect all items PC,Laptop,PS3 etc to the ADSL Modem/router via RJ45 (Ethernet) cables.
If you are with BT Internet then ask about them supplying a new BT Home HUB which has two RJ45 outlets.

Bottom line DO NOT USE USB as a method of connection.


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my ethernet port at the mo says private automatic :S mabye thats y my ps3 is connecting i noticed my subnet mask is insted of , i belive this is a say of seting it up manauly any idea where i found find the info to do that ? :)

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