help please!!!


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Hi - can ayone help please

Every time I click on a link in the internet using Internet Explorer it dosn't take me there - just a box with the browser at the top with a blank screen underneath.If I put an adress in the browser it works- it won't take me their autimatically.
I can't do a windows update either as it won't let me download the updates.
I have another browser - Opera , which works ok- just Internet Explorer that seems to be giving me grief



Greg Hook

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Not sure on this, but have you got some kind of firewall software that is blocking ads & pop ups? When I tried to do a windows update it wouldn't let me and then I realised my firewall was blocking the download pop up window from coming up!



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Hi Greg

I Uninstalled my Google pop-up software , but the problem is still there

Thanks for your info

Any other ideas anyone??


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Perhaps try uninstalling Internet Explorer, and then reinstalling (Add/ Remove Windows Components). Remember to apply all the updates after the reinstall.


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There's also the possibility that there is some problem with your user profile. To see if this is the case, right click my computer, go to users and groups, create a new user, and add them into the administrators group. Log out, then login as the new user you have created, and see if things are working properly. If so, best way to proceed would be to delete the other user profile. Remember to copy internet favourites, and my documents before doing so though.


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cheers for the info - I managed to get it working after reinstalling it



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