help please


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when i play a film the speaking comes from the center speaker
yet when i play i music concert dvd
all the speaking and music come from all speakers
any ideals or do music dvds sound like that /
anyone help going around the twist !


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What settings are you using on your amp when playing the different sounds? I've noticed that some concert DVDs use either 2-channel dolby or stero as the default sound format, and so my my amp into 2-channel mode, hence 5-channel stereo, or DPLII, etc (and hence comes from all speakers). Films tend to have a default of DD 5.1 and so the amp flicks into DD mode.

I also found that selecting the DD5.1 soundtrack for the concert DVD then enabled the amp to pick up the DD signal correctly.



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its shows 5.1 playing and i change to dts
and still the same
dvd is bon jovi the left feels right live
still can not work it out!!
speakers are the missions av2
any other ideals?


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it could be encoded like that....


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The main(L-R) speakers should not be more that about 6ft apart for playing normal stereo music (ie with no centre channel information), or you get the well known hole-in-the-middle effect.


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there about 3 ft away each way
never had them that far away before
just wallmounted them
but thought singing and speaking would just come from center
on a live music dvd

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