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Please could someone help me!!! I Have an iPhone 4s and I have just purchased an iPhone 3GS for my husband. I have gone through the set up and not fully understanding everything kept clicking away as I am all very new to iPhones! One question came up about syncing iPhones and I pressed yes. Now everything on my phone has appeared on my husbands ie notes etc unbeknown to me I deleted the notes off his phone and they have now disappeared off mine. I now want to undo this so we have separate things on our account the only thing I can think of is to delete his iCloud account and set him a new one or restore to factory settings and start again but I am scared it will wipe everything off my phone! Please could someone help as I explained before I am very basic with knowledge on the iPhone and would appreciate some help thank you.


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I think you need to make sure you have separate iTunes accounts for the phones/people otherwise it thought you owned both devices and wanted them to mirror each other(when you sycn/synchronise them)
Everybody should have their own account
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Turn off iCloud.

Settings > iCloud and set all the toggles to "OFF" on both phones.

In iTunes on your computer take the tick out the box which says somthing like "auto sync new purchases".
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Everybody should have their own account
Not really true....we've got 2 iphones and an ipad all on the same account and dont have an issue. As mentioned its best to have iCloud turned off and then if they are on the same iTunes account it means you can share apps rather than buying them twice etc.

Its perfectly feasible to have two iphones on the same itunes account.

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