Help please: What screw size for wall TV mount bracket?


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I am just about to mount my new 55" TV and Sound bar all on the same wall mount. Total weight 30kg.

The wall mount comes with 4 large 10mm x 65mm bolts and wall plugs.

I am mounting on a wall where half of the wall behind the bracket is good breeze block and the other half is cracked lightweight cinder block. As it's now been plastered over there's no way to tell where the cinder block is cracked, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to avoid all the cracks even if I knew their exact location.

My concern is that the 10mm bolts are not a good idea for the cinderblock part of the wall. So I was thinking about using 6, maybe 8, smaller 5mm screws into brown rawlplugs along the length of the wall bracket and not using the 10mm bolts at all. I got the idea when I took the radiators off, as each rad is much heavier than 30kg and they used 4 x 5mm x 50mm screws to hang them on the wall without problems.

Do you think this is a good approach or should I do something different?

Any help greatly appreciated as it's got to be mounted this Friday!


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I’m going to be using Corefix fixings

4 of these are tested to hold 75kg when fixed through plaster board/cavity/aircrete-breeze block


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