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Hi guys, I picked up an Airport Express today and eventually managed to get it set up. I had problems with the Airport Utility not finding it, but found an Apple help article which suggested that the Firewall may be affecting it:

So I turned the Firewall off, and sure enough everything was working fine. Anyway, I turned the Firewall back on, and the AE eventually lost connection.

The help article states I need to open ports, and gives a step by step. However, I've got to a stage where I just can't do it!!

I've made a screen capture of the article and where I get to before I hit a brick wall.

The article is on the right, and I manage to get to step 2!

Any help is much appreciated, as my wife is beginning to lose the rag with me!


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Seems that might be written for an older OSX. It's changed to application-specific, try going into the Firewall Tab in Security & Privacy (in System Prefs), advanced, add 'Airport Utility' application and allow incoming connections.

I don't have airport, so hopefully someone else will chime in if you still have a problem.
Why on earth do you have the firewall on at home anyway? Are you on a shared broadband connection?

But raigraphixs is right, when you are on the firewall tab click on advanced, the if the app is already listed click allow incoming connections. If it isn't listed click the plus to select it. But you shouldn't have to do that as it is bonjour based and it should open the ports automatically anyway.

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