help please: trying to record vhs tapes to pc using tv card??


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Jun 9, 2005
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hey guys i have a FlyTV Prime 30 / 30FM tv card and have connected my vhs etc all together and am trying to transfer vhs tapes to my pc, now if i tune my tv channels in and find my video channel on there i can record my vhs tape (with sound) okish, but after so long the sound dosn't match the mouth movments.

also if i click the composite button there is video (clearer than through the tv tuner) but no sound and if i select the svhs button its in black and white no sound.

i am using a 2 scart video and a scard adapter with svhs socket and the white, red and yellow ones

please help
ive used a made up lead..... components from maplin.

to connect vcr to my pc..

no loss video cable
stereo mic audio cable.

scart plug on end.. IE: into back of vcr...

other end has rca plug : video...

3.5mm stereo jack plug : stereo sound...

works a treat !
but in the back of my videos scard i have plugged in a scard adapter that have the video and sound and svhs socket on so dont think that cable will be much different,

how to i get sound if u switch the video capture to composite

i can only get sound

many thanks
I am a bit confused, but when you select svhs, it may be outputing an s-video signal (which is different from composite), and so may explain the black and white picture.

I think your other problems may be caused by your software. What are you using? You could try using the virtualdub software (downloadable) to do the actual recording.

Composite and s-video signals do not include sound, and so you need to feed the stereo outputs from the scart adaptor into your sound card (line inputs).

If you connect using s-video, you will get a better picture quality than RF or composite.
In order of PQ from worst to best:


RF carries audio & video but the other 2 are video only, so as stated you need to get a feed into your soundcard. If you only have a VHS VCR then it will not output an S-Video signal, and that is why the S-Video connection/setting gives a B&W picture.

I think you need to do the following to get a half decent result:
plug scart adapter into VCR output scart socket.
plug stereo phono lead into scart adaptor red & white sockets.
connect other end of stereo phono lead into a phono to jack plug adaptor and this into the line-in on the soundcard.
connect a composite video lead from yellow socket on scart adapter to the composite input on the PC.

With the above connections you should get a reasonable picture & sound onto the PC. Lip sync errors may well still occur depending on how good the software & hardware are at capture.

If you have a digital camcorder with AV-in (most don't) then you will almost certainly get better results useing this to do the analogue to digital conversion. Just connect the cam to PC via firewire and use Movie Maker 2 (part of the XP install) to do the capture & editing.
Otherwise you need to find a friendly forum member that can do the capture for you on a video editing PC ;)

Good luck,
many thanks for your help guys, do u guys know what the name/s and links to the cables are that i need in order for sound using composite

many thanks
im using a cable with the yellow red and white endds on is that ok instead of seperate ones
A combined cable is fine as long as the plugs can all reach the reuired sockets on the PC. As audio is going to the soundcard and video to the TV card this may not be as easy with a single cable.
As already stated, just make sure you use the yellow plugs on the lead for composite video as the video part of the lead 'should' be different to that for audio and could therefore affect PQ.

thanks have got it sorted i think but when i record and put it on dvd the picture thats plays on the tv is bad and grainy, could this be the software i am using
Could well be down to the software as not all MPEG encoders are equal!
I suggest you try This as it is what I use and think the result are very good. The link is to a free 30 day trial so you can try before you buy :thumbsup:


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