Help please Toshiba rd xs32



Hi. Hope this isn't too stupid but really need help with intial setup of above.

I have a Sony Wega KV28 HX tv and panasonic set top box plus just got above dvd recorder. Cant make any sense of manual! Can someone please simply explain how to connect all of the units? Not needed for anything flashy just to record TV progs and play DVD. Should it work with just a scart lead or do I need AV leads. had no luck so far with scart but fne with AV leads, just looks a bit messy!
Also cannot get signal from set top box. TIA sorry for my ignorance.


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I cant find your TV on sony - but their search is usually $£%&@ .....

how many scarts has it got?? others??

I have my sky box connected through my toshxs32 - press the 'dvr/tv' button to pass thru or not - it does work, but it can take up to 10 seconds to switch!! - this may be the problem...

It is worth working your way through the manual, it is all mostly there, the basic thing to remember is press the 'quick menu' button at any screen you have - the content changes to help!!

I should try each scart individually, to check....


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:smashin: no other inputs like HDMI or Component??

at least with 2 scarts, you can plug the STB into one, and the DVDR into the other!! - just for test, at the moment, so dont tidy it away, you want to be able to change round what scarts on the STB and DVDR you use....

- now you can start changeing settings on each, to make sure you have an output, taking notes about when you get a picture...

also if you have a third scart lead, you can try connecting the output of the STB(checked on the TV) to the input(AV1 or AV2) of the DVDR, to see if it will then pass through to the tv... check the setting for each input you use!!

the 'sat.moni' button is mainly for passing the STB straight through, but this heavily depends on how it is connected to the STB...

the 'sat.cont' button is just for controlling the STB, while using the above..(but it depends if your STB work withit!)

I dont use either- I connect my STB(SKY) to the AV2(sat/decoder) and then AV1 goes to the tv...
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