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Help Please Toshiba 36zp38

Discussion in 'TVs' started by hesperis, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. hesperis


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    I've just got a new Toshiba 36zp38 on Saturday and was truly delighted with the image and sound.

    Connected it with a my Sky digibox (Grundig) and all was well except about 6 hours later the television sort of switched itself off; after this could not get it to switch on or use any of the remote control buttons.

    Chap from the shop came around today and switched the SKY box off and then on again and suddenly things were working ! (note the SKY box was not off as there was no red light). Said I had a probelm with my SKY box not the television.

    Since he has left it happened again and I turned the SKY box off and then on and things are working again.

    Do I have a dodgy tele or a dodgy sky box ?
    Many thanks

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