Help please: Sony HXD870 hard drive swap (not upgrade)


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The DVD drive in my much loved 870 has finally died after a few years of being increasingly unreliable, I'd really like to copy some of our stuff on its hard drive onto DVDs - should have done this before! I've picked up another 870 which all works fine, and was hoping to swap the hard drives over, but when I do I get the error E01. I'm guessing because one uses a Western Digital drive and the other a Seagate.
So after all that waffle, the real question:
  • if I put my old hard drive in the "new" 870, and use the service remote to correct error E01, will that wipe the hard drive?
If so there's no point...I guess next step would be to do it the other way around and swap the DVD drives over instead which is going to be a bit harder.
Anyone still around who knows about these?


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It will totally erase the drive. I've replaced drives on these before and used the service remote which does do a full format of the drive.

I wonder if you could copy using the traditional audio and video outputs/inputs or whether any HDD material has any copy code protection to stop that being done.

The DVD drive is removable in its entirety but it requires significant dismantling.

Could the problem be just a dirty lens?


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Hi, thanks for the reply, I though that probably was the answer :( Yes if nothing else works I'll use the AV in/outs but of course would rather do a direct copy if I can.
So I'll keep that as plan C or D and try a lens clean as plan B was pretty dusty in there when I opened it up.
Thanks, Andy

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