Help Please! Samsung LE32R51BD


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Hope someone can help me with a little problem?

Basicly my samsung remote supplied with the TV seems to have stopped responding with the TV except for the volume and mute button! when i press any other button I can see the red light flash on the TV which shows it knows i'm pressing the buttons?

Also my samsung DVD remote (almost the same remote execpt for turny wheel) has got the same problem except it can do channel up and down but thats it?

Has the TV lost its remote code or something? Can it be fixed? Please help?

Can't even power off the TV with either remote.


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I hate it when that happens to me, but when it happens to me i can turn it off safely from the remote.
Have you tried turning it off from the actual power button on the unit.
Failing that, try the mains switch/plug.



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yeah turns off on the switch on the TV - also i turned it off at the wall for 5mins and it still wont recognise the remote commands :(


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Take out the batteries, hold down the power button for 10 seconds and reinsert batteries. This discharges the static buildup which stops it from working.


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I'll give that a bash when i get home tonight! cheers:thumbsup:

Although if it was static why does the light on the TV blink when i press the buttons? must surely register the buttons being pressed?


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My first post here

I was having the exact same problem with the same TV just finished ordering a new remote when i read this post.

ssjaronx4 your solution worked thanks guess i will always have two now just incase :rotfl:



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