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Hi all,

Reading through threads alot of you are clever bunch, so i thought i'd post my problem and see if you can help a thicky! :thumbsup:

I recently purchased a Hyndai Q321 - Which i thought was a cracking tele, HD looked great, my PC looked great, so did my xbox. Was very impressed!

But then just before the warrenty ran out, it turned itself off and never turned on. I got in touch with Novatech and they happily took it off me for repair, although Novatech wern't very good in the sense that it took them 3months to realise that the TV was not repairable (not sure what happened). But instead of sending me a Q321, they sent me a Q320. I thought great has all these extra features like USB and CF card etc...

So my tele arrives, i get all excited and really looking forward to playing Xbox and watching HD films again, but to my disappointment, My PC wouldnt work with it.

I get the BIOS showing, but as soon as it gets to the Windows Log In, i get 'no signal' error. So after a bit of research i found out maybe it's the graphics card. Tried 4 different graphics cards, and still doesn't work. Changed the DVI cable, still doesn't work. If i boot it up in Safe mode, i get a picture! :clap:

but that's no good :thumbsdow

I've been working on it for days, and am now completely lost. If someone could help, most appreciated.

Overall - Not happy with Novatech!


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