HELP Please: Pioneer VSX S510 and Samsung UE55F7000 not working

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by JNJ, Feb 15, 2014.

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    Please bear with me due to my lack of knowledge - this is my first "proper" set up in terms of Home Cinema.

    I have purchased the following:

    Samsung UE55F7000 TV
    KEF E305 5.1 system
    Pioneer VSX S510 amp

    I have the TV mounted on the wall with a single HDMI cable plugged into HDMI slot 3 (ARC) and I am trying to run my additional set up through the amp (Blueray, Apple TV, XBOX 360)

    Upon setting up the amp, I used the MCACC function to set up the speakers (setting them to small on the menu, as per KEF's instruction) the test tone sounded on all speakers, however the centre speaker sounded approx 50% quieter than the other speakers, upon completing the auto set up, I tried a film through Apple TV, the action scenes were great, but in scenes with any dialogue, it was awful - you couldn't hear them talking!!

    A friend who knows a fair bit about home audio gave me some troubleshooting options, and I tried everything, before I eventually got some spare speaker cable and ran it to the centre speaker, I then tried the test tone again using the MCACC function and the centre speaker was working at the same volume as all the others.

    Thinking I had solved it, I tried the same film again on Apple TV and it all seemed to be perfect, with the dialogue being much clearer from the centre speaker. The bad news is that the original centre cable is currently chased and plastered into a wall - so I will need to run new cable in, meaning more work in our freshly decorated living room!! :(

    I then started to try and get the ARC to work, so I could use the speakers whilst watching regular freeview. I set the Pioneer Amp up using the HDMI menu, setting 'control' to 'ON' and also ARC to 'ON'.

    Doing this then caused the TV's 'AnyNet' system to pick up the Amp, meaning that the sound output shows as ' Receiver' on the TV's sound menu system, and using the TV's remote now turns the volume up and down on the amp itself. However I have no sound what so ever coming through the speakers, and no sound coming through the TV, as it thinks the amp is receiving the audio??

    Frustrated - I gave up! After calming myself down for a few hours, I then decided to connect my Apple TV again so I could at least just enjoy a film through NetFlix. However I then had an image on my TV coming through the Amp, but no sound!!!

    I tried turning it off and on, and unplugging and plugging everything back in again, and then I thought the only option would be to run the MCACC function again to see if the speakers were actually working, but now I get an error message when trying to run the test tones - saying "Front CH error".

    I am loosing the will to live - what am I doing wrong - both to get my speakers working again when passing a HDMI source through the amp and when trying to the the ARC to work?!?!

    ANY help would be very much appreciated :(


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    ARC has proven to be pretty frustrating for lots if folk and can take a few attempts at configuring both the Display and AVR to get it working.

    Ensure HDMI control is enabled on both devices and go through the AVR manual looking for (usually) badly written clues about toggling ARC On/Off.

    Your Centre channel cable problem sounds like a damaged cable - I'd suggest not using it until you can replace it and either using the temp cable or set your system to no Centre Spk and run MCACC again.


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