Help please! Photographing baldies...


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My boss has asked me to take a portrait pic and I'm a little concerned that due to him being....follicularly challenged... That I may get nasty reflections off his head!

I have two studio lights that I use for portraits, typically one to light the background and one for the subject.

Any tips on how to get a good professional shot that doesn't give him a shiny head?



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JOakey said:
No experience of photography, but in the theatre they prevent reflections from the spotlights by putting face powder up there.
You want me to powder my boss's head?!

That sounds career limiting :p


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As above professionals would probably powder his head, but I can see your point also :)
How about using a circular polarizing filter. They are great for cutting down unwanted reflections.

Death Squad I

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Is this a serious question? You have lighting kit and You don't know how to not overexpose skin?
The skin on the head is the same as skin on arms and face. Light shines of a bald head because light sources are usually up above someones head. If you really think you will struggle make sure your lights are not above, maybe uplight and use a light meter you cant go wrong then! The shine is just overexposure the light meter will help you make sure your within the correct exposure range.

God knows how you would light me I'm bald and ugly:smashin: Maybe a gorilla mask!

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