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Hi all, got the choice of 3 smart watches/fitness trackers.

Fitbit Ionic
Garmin Vivoactive 3
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

I am on a long ass journey of weight loss and have high blood pressure, asthma, sleep apnoea... So on and so forth...

Which of these 3 would you go for and why? Battery life is fairly important as sleep tracking would be good with my sleep apnoea.


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I had a string of Garmin products but gave up in the end after multiple failures of straps and displays. I now have a Samsung S3 and have had zero issues so far. I do not wear it at night and I tend to keep put it into eco mode at night so get 4-5 days per charge. If I use it for music or the GPS then battery life shortens quite a bit.


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Thanks for the reply, I've ended up going for the S3 though I'm having to wait a bit longer for it from Amazon. Bought one from one of their "fulfilled by" sellers and was sent a UAE grey import that you can't set Samsung pay up on. Amazon are sending me one from their stock of UK devices now for £20 less due to the cockup [emoji16] so £254
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