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Help please on Philips 42PFL7962 NVM values


Standard Member
Hello all,

I `m new to this forum and i need some help.

I have a 42PFL7962 model and by accident the NVM was reseted to default (by NVM editor address 1 to value 170).

Now the resolution is wrong and the picture size is wrong.

Anyone who knows how to help and has the correct NVM values (to input it via the NVM editor in SAM mode) ??

Any help will be really appreciated.

BEst regards



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Philips CRTs had a paper sticker with the NVM values for the particular model stuck to the rear of the CRT...maybe similar sticker on the rear of their flatscreens.


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Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately not.

MAybe someone with the same model can read it out from the NVM editor?

Thank you very much



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I have already deleted one of your threads for cross posting in the wrong forum, yet you chose to repost it, I have now merged the two threads, stick to this thread there is no need for another thread, posting again will be classed as trolling.


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not sure for 100%, but must help
entering Optioncodes under Service menu, which you can find on pannel backside sticker


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not that close to bee understand by user with weak english(MartiniB)
or less advanced user(with only 4 posts)


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Ok, thank you everybody.

Problem solved.Here is the info in case anybody else have the same trouble. It is the same for all Philips sets from PFL series and posibly to all other Philips LCD.

Apparently after reset of NVM via the editor in SAM mode ( that i did by mistake by entering the value 170 in the 1 dec address in NVM editor)the TV defaults to unknown model with wrong resolution and screen size.

Prior entering the OPT values in the SAM mode (via 062596 and then info + button) for the model (OPT values are indicated on the sticker on the back of the LCD and there are 6 of them) it is important to enter the TV model code (which can be found on the side sticker of the LCD,in my case 110) using 062598 then MENU then the code xxx which is a three digit code for a specific model.

The TV then goes into stand by mode and once switched ON ,VOILA it is there again.

Now, in SAM mode RGB values can be adjusted in order to improve the picture.

BY ANY CHANCE that ANYONE did it already?

IT WILL BE highly appreciated if anyone can post the values here for the RGB in cool,normal and warm mode. Even the default values for the model i.e 42PFL7962 or 42PFL7762 or any other Philips 42 inch will do.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi everybody, I `m new too, and need csome help.

I have a 32PFL3404 model with blank screen (for bad use of service mode. sound OK).

The big problem is that my LCD doesn´t have any sticker with the DISPLAY CODE, i´have tried many codes already but nothing seem to work.

Please, anybody have this particular model?.... i need those 3 digits.

062598 MENU XXX

Thanks in advance

(Excuse my english)

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