Help please - no picture in AV1


Iain Macdonald

Grateful if someone can help please.

I can get sound but no picture on AV1 from my video or DVD players. The TV is a Bush OnDigital integrated digital TV. Ondigital is a company in receivership, so no assistance is available. The video is an AIWA HV-FX7700K.

The aerial connects to ANTENNA IN on the AIWA. A cable leads from the R/F OUT on the AIWA to the ANTENNA IN on the TV. On the TV a short lead connects the R/F IN and R/F OUT sockets. Finally, a scart lead connects the AIWA to the TV.

These settings worked fine until my son's friend plugged in a PS2 playstation to the TV with a scart lead.

Now I can't manage to retrieve the situation.

The TV uses UHF channel 69. THe TV standard can be either RGB or composite. The AIWA output channel is RF C67.

I can only get sound from the DVD player too, which indicates that something in the TV needs re-tuning.

Any ideas would help. Give me a PC any day!
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Scart pin bent ? Or two ?

Are you outputting an SVHS signal perchance ?

Thanks, Mike, but what's SVHS ... or rather how do you usually find out what signal you're sending and how do you correct it?


Sounds to me like a scart plug problem , if it was s-video he would still get a pic it would just be black and white, try another scart lead.
My old Bush TV had the ability to change TV systems for each channel, so ensure that you have the chanell set up to PAL I.
Also, it's a Bush TV, with built in subscription to ONDigital. Bush is not in receivership, and will offer you assistance, as it's their product, not OnDigital's.

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