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Help Please ! - No idea when it comes to cabling

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by bakero, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. bakero


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    I've just printed off the beekeepers excellent looking guide and am taking it away to read, but suspect it may prove to be beyond me at the moment!

    I've been starting from scratch pretty much and now have

    Screen: Panasonic PWD6 with dual slot component board
    DVD: 2 year old Limit player with component out (to be replaced when i can afford it!)
    Amp: Denon 2805
    Speakers: Canton CD1
    Tuner: Sky+

    So now I need cable to connect it all up - my budget has been pretty stretched already and I'd like to set it up over the weekend, so ideally buying from somewhere I can go to tomorrow near Manchester (eg Maplin). I think I need:

    1) Lots of unknown Speaker Cable for the amp - speakers
    2) Component to Component cable for amp to screen
    3) component to component cable for DVD to amp
    4) S-Video to component(?) for sky+ to the amp (which can upconvert svideo to component)

    Does this sound like it makes sense? And if so will a trip to Maplin sort me out for the lot ?!

    (Hopefully I'll be able to post with a bit more knowledge after reading the guide)

  2. Ian J

    Ian J

    Aug 6, 2001
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    I'm no expert with plasma connections but I have spotted the deliberate error in your post :)

    You need a pair of digital connectors to connect both the DVD player and the Sky Box to your amp if you want to hear sounds to go with the pictures.

    I'm not sure about point 4 as my amp doesn't do upconversion but perhaps you can connect s-video from the Sky box to s-video on the amp and the latter will be upconverted.

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