Help please! New setup not sure what to do for amp/speakers


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I've taken the plunge and have got a Samsung LE40M87BDX LCD TV. I've also got Sky HD winging its way to me and already have an Xbox 360.

The missing bit that I'd really appreciate some help with is what to do for amp/speakers.

I've read in a couple of places about optical links between the Sky HD box and the amp/decoder - does this mean I have HDMI going to the TV and then optical going to the amp? How should I connect the Xbox?

As well as advice re. connections I was looking for some recommendations of products to go for. It's a new-build flat with laminate floor so it's a bit tricky speaker-wise.

Proposed setup is:


As you can see I can't run speaker cable down the left as its open-plan and down the right is the main door into the room I was therefore quite interested in some of these systems that have wireless rear speakers - as you can see there is a power socket behind to sofa so this would work out well from that point of view. Does anyone have any suggestions of good systems to go with?

Many thanks for any info/suggestions!




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For Sky HD you are correct, for some reason the HDMI lead from Sky only sends stereo 2 channel sound. If you want Dolby Digital sound (only on some channels/some broadcastsl) then you need an optical lead from Sky box to amp.

My understanding is that the X box is the same - you need an optical connection for that as well.

Regarding Wireless speakers, I had some experience of them in a (cheapish) Panasonic all in one system (setting up for a relative who bought without asking advice). I found them very poor, some hiss coming through, they interfered with the ASDL wireless network and generally seemed more hassle that benefit. So be careful before spending money.


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The missing bit that I'd really appreciate some help with is what to do for amp/speakers

I have almost exactly the same setup so I would love to hear more answers to this. I suppose the biggest question is what budget are you talking about?

Alan, fyi, the Sony STR DG910 looks good. It will allow you to connect your 360 by component to it and have other HDMI(Sky) devices plugged in and then everything go to your TV via a single HDMI. I'd need to check the optical input count though. Then it's a matter of finding speakers that match the price/quality of that AVR.

Sorry, not to hijack your thread. Just trying to help get a discussion going here and I think a rough price is needed for that to happen.


I suggest you wire both rears down the right and round the door frame.

Forget wireless speakers, none of them are that good. You can get some moulding that can go over the angle between your laminate floor and skirting that leaves enough room behind for the speaker wire. Or, be brave as I was and remove the skirting to put the wiring behind after running it through a woodwork router to cut a couple of channels. Better still, get someone else with DIY skills and gear to do it :)


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Just thought I'd feedback folks on what happened in the end! - went for the Sony DAV-DZ830W. They were recommended by a few folks I spoke to and seem much better powered than the Logitech ones I was looking at.

Also went for a 2:1 optical splitter/combiner from eBay (along with 3x1.5m TOSlink cables) for connecting my Sky HD and Xbox 360 to the Sony amp - work absolutely perfectly. Have taken care of the video side of things with HDMI for the HD box and component for the Xbox.

Thanks again for the help!



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Ah good stuff

That's the setup I have currently, but without the better speakers!

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