HELP PLEASE! My AV500 has gone white screen on me!



Hi all,

Am asking for any advice - am in desperate need of help!

Was using my AV500 100GB last night watching a divx then switched it off and left it on charge for the night. This morning upon switching it back on all that is displayed is a white screen. Tried to connect it to USB and nothing happens, so no access to the drive. Also, even when connecting it to TV all it displays is a white screen.

I imagine that its something that only Archos techies can sort, so I visited the Archos tech site UK and have left them a mail - waiting for a call back.

If anyone here has any advice on how to fix this, or suggestions on what might have caused this please please reply - am desperate here!!! :lease:


Novice Member
have you tried taking the battery out and then re connecting. Half of all my problems are sorted out this way

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